Practical training is an essential part of studies at ROCKFORD

Students who practice what they are learning in a hands-on environment are more likely to have a greater retention of the program material. The aim of practical training is to help students develop skills and abilities that support professional studies and prepare them for work later on.

  • Debates
  • Language Labs
  • Sports
  • Field Trips
  • Students Election
  • Community Outreach Programme
Rockford International CBSE school

Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. Logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to the audience are elements in debating, where one side often prevails over the other party by presenting a superior "context" or framework of the issue

Debating, instead of arguing, can help the children defuse a rapidly escalating situation.

Debating, helps the children to develop essential critical thinking skills – the ability to make reasoned and well thought out arguments in addition to questioning the evidence behind a particular stance or conclusion.


Simulating a real election in school : The interested students may be declared as Contestants and the other students express their preferences by voting.

Rockford International CBSE school

Real World Learning

As school, a field trip is one of the best tools that we can use to provide every student with real-world experiences. Whether that's a trip to the local grocery store, waterfront park, a library, a museum, a theater, a community garden or a restaurant, each experience that a student participates in contributes to their understanding of the world.

When students leave the classroom, they see the connections between what is happening at school and in the "real-world". They begin to see that what they learn within the walls of the classroom can help them solve the problems they see in the world around them and can have a direct impact on who they become as people.


Students are able to access tools and environments that are not available at school. Our communities are rich learning laboratories. Field trips make it possible to take students to see an underwater ecosystem at an aquarium, participate in citizen science in a river, use high powered microscopes, see and touch historical artifacts in person and present on a public stage among hundreds of other things. Each experience solidifies learning and supports important academic concepts.

Socio-emotional Growth

Students who go on field trips become more empathetic and tolerant. Studying art gives students a chance to think about a topic or theme from a different perspective.

Academic Impact

Field based learning increases test scores.. Field trips and hands on learning make concepts more memorable. Just think back to what you learned in school, the field trips you took, and what you learned on them are still some of the clearest concepts.

Additionally, field trips are important because students are able to engage with content in a variety of ways. Concepts are presented through all different media and different modalities, so students who struggle with traditional learning can feel smart and confident. They are able to access the content better when they can learn holistically. When they return to school, the trip that they took can serve as a touchpoint for an entire unit.


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu

The program aims to instill the importance of cultivating an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extend beyond the students classroom experiences. Students develop sensitivity to others needs and cultures; and become aware of and appreciate the differences that exist amongst us as a community and find solutions that benefit the community.

Our students learn early on, the importance of developing the spirit of giving back to society and reaching out to the less privileged and marginalized. Community Outreach activities aim to develop leadership, resilience, empathy and service-mindedness among students. Our school regularly associates with NGOs, charities, social workers and causes, to provide our students bigger platforms to make a real difference.

Rockford International CBSE school