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  • Strategic Plan | Rockford CBSE School in Hosur

    Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan

    The school follows CBSE curriculum which is in tandem with NCF 2005. The curriculum helps in the holistic development that encourages children to become creative and original thinkers, makes them to enjoy the learning experience through a varied spectrum of indoor and outdoor activities. Students undergo a highly enriched curriculum that gives them a sound and broad foundation of basics as well as opportunities to be challenged and to delve deeply into areas of their interest

    The methodologies are designed to emphasize on confidence building, hands on experience, group learning and communicative competence. Our teaching methods are an eclectic mix of recent innovations and existing learning styles.

    It provides opportunities to explore and discover their immediate surroundings through Logical, Analytical and Critical Thinking, Ability to apply Problem Solving, Positive Thinking, Self-confidence and Language Skills to express themselves verbally and in writing. The activity-based approach for teaching and grading system for assessing the performance of children have been adopted. Evaluation at this stage takes place in a stress-free and learner friendly environment on a continuous basis, ensuring comprehensiveness and transparency.

    Rockford International CBSE school