School History

School History

Everyday is a lovely day.

Choose your child’s Kindergarten school wisely. We at ROCKFORD International Public School in collaboration with REGGIO CHILDREN – ITALY, bring Reggio Approach of education to our children in Hosur.

ROCKFORD programmes involve children in development of their own personal reactions in research, developing new skills, creative output and evaluation of learning the knowledge and skills.

Wonder of learning : Every place has its own soul, identity, trying to find out and building up a relation which it means learning to recognize one’s own soul. Children attending the Toddlers Centre and Pre-School at ROCKFORD explore the LORIS MAIGUZZI’S hundred Languages of Children

You can imagine the future...

Rockford International CBSE school

Change is constant and information is omnipresent.

Children should focus on acquiring application skills and not just knowledge accumulation.

We at ROCKFORD in collaboration with REGGIO CHILDREN. ITALY studied the Indian methods of Kindergarten school system and International approach on Kindergarten children. We @ ROCKFORD found REGGIO CHILDREN’S approach is to get children interested and to have fun while exploring the theme of life and sustainability on earth using different approaches and languages.

In the REGGIO children’s approach the school is an extension of your home. It uses a play–based approach, where your child becomes an independent thinker. The approach believes that a child’s education is built as a partnership between students, teachers and parents.

Children are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, have respect for others. There are some structured group times but also plenty of opportunity for free play. This encourages them to be confident and ready to make transition to the main school (Grade 1).